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Duke Databank for Cardiovascular Diseases analysis datasets
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Alternate Titles(s): DDCD

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The Duke Databank for Cardiovascular Disease (DDCD) is a procedure-based databank including all cardiac catheterization records for patients treated between July 2, 1969 and March 17, 2015 at Duke University Medical Center. The DDCD is the largest and oldest cardiovascular databank in the world. These datasets are provided to researchers upon approval from an independent review committee.

DukeCath Research Dataset: Extracted from the DDCD, this de-identified dataset contains one record per catheterization procedure, and includes patient characteristics, catheterization results, interventional treatments, and long-term outcomes data that allows for assessments of relationships of variables with outcomes, as well as an examination of time trends. It is suitable for clinical and/or methodological research and publication purposes.

DukeCathR Educational Dataset: This educational dataset has been specifically created to serve as a teaching aid for instructors. It has been anonymized and intentionally modified so that any meaningful or publishable clinical interpretations are impossible.

1969 - 2015
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